Rules of Military Park

Military Park is open every day from 7 AM - 9 PM.

You are welcome…

  • to visit the park during the hours posted
  • to use open areas, including the lawn
  • to enjoy the gardens without entering flowerbeds or picking flowers
  • to use a park chair or one seat on a bench designed for sharing
  • to deposit waste in trash receptacles
  • to bring your dog, providing you leash it, keep it from watering trees and plants, and clean up after it
  • to book your function of 20 people or more through the Military Park Partnership

Park guidelines prohibit…

  • smoking
  • entering the park after the hours posted, except to patronize the park restaurant or if there is a special event in progress
  • drug use
  • alcohol use outside the café or designated areas
  • organized ballgames
  • panhandling
  • sitting or standing on fences or railings
  • standing on chairs, benches, or seat walls
  • feeding pigeons
  • rummaging in trash receptacles
  • amplified music that disturbs others
  • performances, except by permit
  • commercial activity, except by permit
  • obstructing park entrances
  • dogs on the lawns
  • use of plastic tarps on the lawns
  • cycling, skating, rollerblading, or skateboarding inside the park
  • barbecuing or cooking in the park, except by permit
  • erecting tents or other enclosures, except by permit
  • inserting flags or poles of any kind into the ground
  • defying directions from park staff

Patrons of Military Park are subject to the rules of the City of Newark Department of Parks and Recreation.