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12/23/2016 Newark Inc. Florham Park Engineering Firm Helps Design a New Military Park for Newark
11/30/2016 Newark Patch Military Park’s Third annual Holiday Celebration set for Tuesday, December 6th
11/14/2016 Jersey Digs Newark Walks: This Self-Guided Walking Tour Explores Over 80 Historical Sites
10/7/2016 Jersey Digs Unearthing Newark's Treasures: A Walking Trail Through the City's 350 Years of Diverse Culture and Rich History
9/12/2016 NJ Tech Weekly GNEC Discusses How to Raise Capital at Tech Talk in Military Park
9/12/2016 Newark Patch Tech Talks in Military Park debuts tonight
8/19/2016 Rutgers Newark RU-N Alumni Headline Poetry Reading Series in Military Park
6/29/2016 Brick City Live Outdoor Movies in Military Park to Feature Purple Rain, Coming to America, Star Wars & other fan favorites
6/10/2016 Brick City Live 500 UNIted x 500 Fathers of Milwaukee: Community Engagement Planned for June 17th in Military Park
6/1/2016 NJ Herald Experimental Installations Put the Social in Social Science
5/30/2016 Memorial Day in Military Park
5/27/2016 BURG Finally Opens in Newark’s Military Park
5/26/2016 Rutgers-Newark, RBH Planning $70M Residence Hall, Honors Learning Facility
5/17/2016 NJTV News Newark Art Installation, a Portal to the World
5/15/2016 Cissy Houston Joins Chorus of Celebrants on Newark’s 350th Birthday
5/14/2016 News 12 New Jersey Newark Marks 350-year History with Free Festival
5/14/2016 Grammy Winners Headline Newark’s Birthday Bash in Military Park
5/13/2016 Faith Evans Kick’s off Newark’s Birthday Bash in Military Park
5/13/2016 3-day Festival Celebrates Newark’s 350 Years of History
5/12/2016 NJTV Newark Remembers Past and Looks to Future for 350th Anniversary
5/11/2016 Next City Gold Painted Shipping Containers Create a Global Public Space
5/11/2016 PR Newswire PSEG to Celebrate Newark’s 350th Anniversary All Year Long
5/10/2016 Cissy Houston Performs at Newark’s 350th Anniversary concert in Military Park
5/10/2016 What is the Portal?
5/10/2016 Naughty by Nature Celebrate with Free Newark Show
5/9/2016 Village Voice Roadside-Style Burger Joint Burg Opens in Newark's Military Park
4/15/2016 Brick City Live Ping Pong Tournament Brings Out Hundreds for Day of Fun and Games?
4/9/2016 New York Times Burg Fires Up Its Griddle in a Revitalized Newark Park
4/5/2016 New Jersey Stage Newark Celebrates Its 350th With Founders Weekend Festival
3/31/2016 Carousel Tells Story of Newark using 16 Historic Horses
3/23/2016 New Jersey Portals Connects Newark, NJ to Milwaukee, WI and the World
3/7/2016 Where to Eat Now in N.J: The 10 Hottest Restaurants for March.
3/1/2016 Carousel Construction Begins in Newark’s Military Park
12/22/2015 Landscape Architecture Magazine Padron his Progress: Dan Biederman Sweats all the Details in a Crusade to Make Parks that Work
11/29/2015 Village Voice Roadside-Style Burger Joint Burg Opens in Newark’s Military Park
11/12/2015 Burg Finally Opens in Newark’s Military Park
11/10/2015 Wall Street Journal Making a Culinary Case for Newark
11/4/2015 Newark Through The Eyes of The Homeless
11/2/2015 BURG Finally Opens in Newark’s Military Park
10/5/2015 Rutgers University At Rutgers University-Newark, Change Is Everywhere
9/23/2015 NJTV Jaffe Morning Briefing: Sept. 23, 2015
9/22/2015 Newark Inc. October Event Kicks Off Newark's 350th Anniversary
9/19/2015 Steve Adubato On the Air Chris Siversen on His Latest Restaurant BURG in Military Park
8/30/2015 The New York Times Defying Expectations, Mayor Ras Baraka Is Praised in All Corners of Newark
8/12/2015 Around Town: Progressive Music Festival is a Success in Newark
7/21/2015 Mayor Baraka, Acting Govenor Guadagno, Senator Booker, and Other Dignitaries Launch $50 Million Technology Venture Fund
6/8/2015 New Restaurant to Open in Military Park
5/31/2015 Jersey Bites Top New Jersey Chef to Open BURG: Burgers & Taps in Downtown Newark
5/20/2015 Take a Free History Tour of Military Park
5/7/2015 BURG targeted for June opening in Military Park
3/4/2015 Princeton Alumni Weekly Dan Biederman ’75: Parks and Recreation
1/14/2015 Baraka, civic leaders say 'Newark is open for business'
10/29/2014 GoNomad Why Are We Going to Newark?
10/22/2014 NJTV One-on-One with Steve Adubato Ep. 291
10/19/2014 NJBIZ Triple Play: Berger on ways the park transformation is benefiting downtown Newark
9/18/2014 Conde Nast Traveler Newark Is Actually Quite Friendly, Say Its Residents
9/18/2014 The Star Ledger Conde Nast: Okay, Newark is friendly after all
9/2/2014 NJBIZ “New” Military Park transforming a Newark neighborhood
8/18/2014 Radius Magazine Going Great Guns
8/10/2014 The Star Ledger In Newark, a campaign to restore Military Park monuments
8/1/2014 WBGO 88.3fm Web Extra: A Poem from the Park
7/28/2014 The Jersey Journal Award-winning Jersey City restaurant owners to open 'BURGer' eatery in Newark
7/24/2014 News 12 NJ Parkgoers at Military Park in Newark treated to poetry through Lunchtime Poems series
7/23/2014 Legacy Cities Military Park: A Catalyst for Newark's Renaissance
6/25/2014 WBGO 88.3fm Newark's Military Park Expands Summer Event Calendar
6/20/2014 Brick City Live Weekly ‘Guard d’Avant’ music festival to begin July 2 in Military Park
6/17/2014 It's Now Official Military Park Open to the Public
6/16/2014 NJBIZ Newark feels its new park will spur new development
6/13/2014 The Star Ledger After $3M facelift, Newark's Military Park is the center of splendor
6/13/2014 The Star Ledger Military Park opens with music, politicians' praise
6/13/2014 WBGO 88.3fm Newark's Military Park Rededicated
6/9/2014 NJBIZ Ongoing support from Newark business leaders key to Military Park's future, board member says
6/6/2014 Military Park Makeover
6/3/2014 WMBC-TV Military Park Renovations
5/26/2014 NJTV Newark’s Military Park Makeover Attracts New Visitors
5/23/2014 WBGO 88.3fm A Walk in the Park
5/21/2014 The New York Times Exploring Cafes and Culture in Downtown Newark
5/16/2014 The Wall Street Journal Behind Reborn Newark Oasis Stands a 'Park Whisperer'
5/16/2014 WBGO 88.3fm Newly Renovated Military Park Reopens
5/15/2014 Brick City Live They built it. Will you come? Planners of reimagined Military Park planted lots of flowers. Now they want to plant people.
5/13/2014 The Star Ledger As Military Park reopens, developers talk challenges and changes
12/27/2013 The Star Ledger Maritime hopes to 'break mold' in Newark
12/23/2013 VONJ Meet Dan Biederman, the guru of urban redevelopment, as he talks about bringing the Bryant Park model to Military Park in Newark
12/9/2013 Military Park: The History and its Future
12/4/2013 The Star Ledger Historic Newark Park to Ink Deal for a Restaurant
12/4/2013 WBGO 88.3fm Newark's Re-Designed Military Park Names Chef for New Restaurant
8/13/2013 Rutgers University Newark's historic Military Park undergoing a revival benefiting surrounding businesses and college students
5/28/2013 The Star Ledger Construction under way for Newark's new Military Park
5/28/2013 WBGO 88.3fm Ground Breaks on Military Park Project
2/27/2013 Military Park Poised for a Makeover of Epic Proportion
2/5/2013 The New York Times Revival Is Planned for a Derelict Downtown Newark Park
10/24/2012 Bloomberg Public-Private Partnership to Revitalize Newark's Military Park