photo and video shoots

All film, video, and photo shoots in Military Park require a permit from Military Park Partnership. Most shoots will be subject to a site fee, with the exception of wedding photo shoots. Fees are determined based on:

  • Type of shoot (commercial, editorial, stock, etc.)
  • Duration of shoot
  • Size of crew
  • Complexity of setup and amount of equipment
  • Location within the park
  • Publicity potential for Military Park

Please note that neither people nor equipment are allowed in the flower beds at any time. Military Park Partnership must be made aware of all electrical needs prior to the shoot. Additionally, if you plan to conduct interviews with any visitors to the park, or if you plan to shoot a scene with a script in the park, Military Park Partnership must approve all questions and scripts beforehand. Finally, all appropriate fees, insurance certificates, city permits, and final permit application must be received before permission to shoot will be administered.

Apply for a permit here. You will be notified within five days if there is a site fee, insurance, or a damage deposit is required.