Learn to Ride a Bike with Girls on Bikes

Learn to Ride a Bike will return to Military Park on May 19th!

Learn to Ride a Bike takes place on the third Sunday of the month (with the exception of June, when the program will be on the fourth Sunday) from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Military Park. The program will take place on May 19th, June 23rd, July 21st, August 18th, and September 15th.

Limited availability of GOB bikes and helmets - please request before attendance by emailing gobnewark@gmail.com or you are welcome to bring your own!

Girls On Bikes is a stylish initiative that empowers girls in the urban community by promoting health and encouraging participation in recreational activities. We recognize that biking is traditionally not a space for people of color, by analyzing the history of cycling. Thus, through action we are deforming the barriers of colored people participating in activities that they are often not welcomed to. By promoting recreational activities we provide young girls and women a space to be feminine alongside being adventurous, driven, and determined to do all things. Girls On Bikes embraces the stigma of women being strong and sets out to create a culture of fashionable women on bikes making their presence disruptive by being recognized as unstoppable.