Katie Shepard Program Coordinator Military Park

Katie Shepard

Program Coordinator

Katie Shepard is a Program Coordinator at Military Park. Her work focuses on bringing diverse and exciting new programs and events to Military Park.  Katie manages the park website, social media accounts, and assists with park and office operations.  

Katie is also a Project Analyst at BRV's New York office. Her previous work at BRV includes programming at Coney Island and a strategic plan for Belle Isle in Detroit.

Prior to BRV, Katie worked with the Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development, where she completed research projects to enhance public plazas throughout the county. Katie also worked with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation on the Freshkills Park Team, where she organized graphic materials to advertise Freshkills Park and the New Springville Greenway bike path. 

Katie recently graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Urban Planning, a BA in Psychology, and a minor in Environmental Studies.