Arts Network Night

Arts Network Night runs from June 5th - August 14th. This program meets in Burg's outdoor bar and highlights different Newark artists each week. This program is all about NETWORKING so come on out and meet some other Newark artists! This program is open to artists and those interested in learning more about the Newark art scene.

Arts Network Night meets every Monday at 6 PM in Burg's outdoor bar.

June 26th: Charlee Swanson, Jerry Gant, and Gregg Banks

July 10th: Multi-media Artist Alverson Layne and Samantha Katehis

July 17th: Rodney Gilbert, Andrew Binger, Malcolm Rolling, and Steve Green of Yendor Arts and Queen Mother Imakhu

July 24th: Malik Whitaker, Abstract Artist Sophia Domeville and the Artisan Collective

July 31st: Photographer Luisa Pinzon and Photographer James Drumgo

August 7th: Creative Director Lynette Lashawn and Marco Hall

August 14th: Lisa Saeboe of Project for Empty Space and Fayemi Shakur of CWOW