The Art of Convo with Chris Miss Bright

The Art of Convo is over for the 2018 season. Be sure to check out the program when it returns in 2019!

The Art of Convo takes place every other Wednesday in Military Park, beginning June 13th. The program occurs from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the outdoor space behind the restaurant.


The Art of Convo is an open forum discussion, focused on discussing the uninhibited truths of its participants. This event allows people to ask hard questions anonymously, and furthermore, converse about them with a group of strangers. People attend this event for the sole purpose of exchanging perspectives with an unbiased group of people. Unlike many events, here no one is promoted before-hand.  In many ways, it is a social experiment that challenges people to talk and even sometimes debate in a face to face setting. 


1. To create a safe space to discuss topics that people really want to talk about, where popularity and “who’s who” is not a factor. Everyone here is equal. 

2. To exercise real-life , in-person conversations in a time where most conversations happen through a keyboard. 

3. To conduct these conversations in art spaces that promote culture and free thinking. 

Average Attendance Rate : 30-40 participants ( 100K online participants) 

Sponsoring Venue

This event will help to bring exposure to the space. Participants will be told how they can subscribe and join the community. All photos, video, and digital content  will be tagged by location as to engage the vaster online community. This event is unlike any event happening right now, and will fill the space with dynamic forward thinking individuals who are likely to see and engage in its value. 

The Art of Convo with Chris Miss Bright
Art of Convo